About us

      CPNA is a service by GudangVoucher with strong financial background. As an expert in electronic payment and remittance, CPNA has recently focused on innovating variety of payment channels and relentlessly developed breakthrough and tailor-made tools of electronic payment services for major industrial merchants, accommodating them to collect payments most effectively, and encouraging a number of industries to promote electronic business transactions. Electronic businesses include digital entertainment, online booking and ticketing, online remittance, etc.

       CPNA has maintained since its establishment in 2006 the rapid development of electronic payments and become one of the leaders in the industry. 2008 annual volume grew more than 5 times of 2007’s; despite the global financial crisis. The following year in 2009, the growth was still more than 4 times of the previous year. Presently the volume alone in China has reached 100 million Yuan, mostly in remittance area.

  Our mottos are:

  •     1. Innovative
  •     2. Customer First Customer Oriented
  •     3. Professional and efficient
  •     4. Ethical integrity and diligence

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